Hi Coach G.

How do I build up my body to play football as a linebacker. I am a sophomore in High School and they are going move me from cornerback to linebacker this coming year. I am 5'11" 178 lbs.

I have run a 4.75 forty yard dash far and I can hit pretty hard
I want to play college also - any position I can.'

I see you are now designing up routines for $5.95 like you do for your bodybuilding site. So I want you to design one for me and be one of the first ones to join it.

Johnny R.

Hi Johnny,

First of all I presume they are going move you because they have lost some of their existing linebackers to graduation. For your current size is more suited to the backfields

But remember as your build up your body you will also increase you chances to play college football.

You need to concentrate on speed and agility as your build up your body. A four day routine will be prime to help build up your body and to also increase up youe speed.

I will look for your application today for my new online site.

Coach G.