How color affects your mood

If you want to take off or add a few extra pounds, you may be able to by changing the color of your plate. If The fast food industry has know this for yearsand they use certain colors, which have been shown to increase your appetite.

Well we want results so let's see how this works. Curious—you bet you are. Here’s five most popular colors and how they affect your appetite and mood.



This is what fast food restaurants across the globe use to stimulates the appetite and makes you happier. It makes you relax, feel good, and to keep on eating.


Blue is a calming color and is the favorite of most people in this country. It’s refreshing and soothing and slows down metabolism. Nutritional experts suggest putting a blue light in your fridge if you’re prone to late night snacking. The human mind has an slight aversion to blue food. I also have found having like blue colors on your plates can work just as well. It will soothe and relax you and allow you to eat less with each man


Another fast food favorite, red gets your blood pressure up, your heart beating fast, and your appetite roaring. Iy catches your eye, causes energy surges, and motivates you to get moving. But unfortunately that means you were moving eating more. It’s a good color for your workout gear and a bad color for your plates.


We associate green with healthy, for we feel that green foods are healthy foods. Because this color is in most of our most nutritional vegetables and other foods, and is reminiscent of nature, it’s a great choice for plates or foe your dining room area to keep yourself calm and avoid overeating.


This vibrant color red, ust like the color red is going to increase your appetite and get you eating more than you want to..