First you have to have a vision of what you want to look like and then you have to GET THE DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE TO GET THERE!

Anything worth accomplishing takes hard work!

So lets get in the habit of hard work!


Let me train you to get you shape

If you are tired of not getting results and want to get in the shape you have always wanted to be in then get in touch with me and I will get you on routine and diet and get you the results.

Now we are going to watch Alicia change her body of the next 3 months. Lets watch her transform her body online

02/25/13 - first contact for training = 220lbs

From Alicia 04/27/13

I'm working out three days a week, 45-60 mins. Yesterday I ran 1.01. I think I could of gone longer. But I need new shoes. My feet began to hurt a bit. Next week I want to increase my days to four and the following week to five days. I'm cutting back on red meat and cut out all refined grains from my diets today. Sugars, breads, and I have to increase my water intake. That's a must!

Ok so we are going to increase her workout and cardio too! Summer is coming and we need to get results now! And i know she can get them!




Been extremely busy. I have the bathing suit photos. Will forward those those evening. They are on my computer. I am at 195. Feeling like I plateaued. I have changed my eating habits. My appetite had decreased. A little fearful my decrease in calorie may be why I feel like my energy levels are lower than what they were before. Can you provide me with a diet plan for my eating. I'm all over the place with that. Latest pic attached


Update 03/22/13

From Alicia Today
My work out for the last two weeks. Speeds varied between 3.0 walking, 4.5 running intermediate, 5.0 at maximum effort. I use 10-12 pound weights and the 18 pound body bar.
I am now 202.6 pounds.
For lunges I rotate between using the bosu ball, step and bench. For squats I do a deep squat with a shoulder press (thrusters I think they were called). I really want to get stronger and build my endurance with more cardio drills. I get tired and my effort slow down.
As for diet, I have now cut out fried foods. Potatoes were first. Now, I eat grilled chicken, rice, veggies and I'm about to invest in a magic bullet to do smoothies and soups.

Now if you look at the routine it call for one full minute of exercise then rest, Also the weight used (if any) is probably close to nothing. Alicia is using very light weights.

I say max 12 reps - one warm up set per exercise on the circuit, and then increase the weight for 3-4 sets- and look to increase when it gets easy. I also rest 15- 30 seconds only but go through a full 6- 8 exercise circuit!

So the circuit and rest period is fine - but one minute with no weights is NOT!

Intensity builds a hard body.

Update 03/12/13

She is on a four day a week routine and has dropped two pounds


ALRIGHT!!! She is looking good!
So Alicia is getting there - from 212 to 191lbs and has reached the INFAMOUS PLATEAU!
Everyone hits this. The first part come easy - but then it gets tougher - and so must you!
So I am going to get her on a set diet and see if she can start taking ViSalus Balance for 1-2 meals a day. That way I know she is getting the nutrients she needs and also the shakes taste so great that she will not be cheating on sweets all the time. The shakes taste incredible!
Then we can get after the next 16 lbs!

Now let me train you too!